Il Podere del Carlone

country house

Country House

Il Podere del Carlone is a Country House and it was born in Vasto from the passion for nature and the countryside, so for many years after having managed a restaurant in the city they have realized their dream. The country house is situated along the route of the Royal Tratturo L'Aquila / Foggia immersed in the countryside among olive trees and vineyards of Vasto, a few kilometers from the seaside resort of Vasto Marina and the beaches of Punta Penna Calsalbordino Lido.

The warm welcome of the owners, the love and attention to every detail make this country house a magical place and welcoming, an escape from the heat and chaos of city for families, couples and friends. A meeting place and dining in the most beautiful landscapes of Abruzzo wrapped in the splendid view over the Adriatic Sea and the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Sandro and Nada propose a simple and tasty cooking with natural ingredients to the rediscovery of the typical flavors of the area such as the grilled meat, sausages as "ventricina", "pasta alla chitarra", "cacio e uovo" and more .. . upon request.

A tradition in the search for freedom.
Open all year round thanks to the micro-climate that the city can boast of Vasto.


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